The Seven Pegs

In a few of the exposed spaces the team observed seven pegs on a horizontal beam, matching the Biblical account* in Genesis 7 : 2.
Eventhough there was talkted about eight pegs in the beginning, very soon after the press conferences, by closer examination of photo’s and video footage, it became clear that there were in fact seven pegs.
NAMI: “It is believed that ropes may have been hooked on these pegs to keep animals in place.”





a-seven-pegsaInside Space-4, seven pegs on a horizontal beam were observed. Hay (food for animals) is still attached to the wall at several spots, just a bit below the horizontal beam. Other interesting features are the two square holes in the upper part of the doorframe.  (right one is visible while the left one is partly visible, above the shoulder of observer)

b-seven-pegsaThe door sill is about knee high.




e-seven-pegs-aaf-seven-pegs-aaGenesis 7 : 2: “You must take with you every kind of clean animal by sevens, the male and its mate; and of every animal that is not clean just two, the male and its mate; …”

Genesis 7 : 2 in paleo- and modern Hebrew; ‘seven seven’ means ‘by sevens’:
paleo-hebrew-agenesis7-2ai-seven-pegsaaBetween the white arrows; just one bash, using an adze, created most likely this strike at the surface of this wooden beam.



m-seven-pegsA small handscoop with short grip on top of one of the shelves. The width of this scoop is about 15 centimeters, (6 inch).

ma-seven-pegsaPottery on the floor.

mb-seven-pegsThe floor contains a square mortise joint. While wiping out the mortise by hand a red/brown bean appeared.

mc-seven-pegsaThe distance between floor and ceiling of this small space is about 2.12 meter (6.9 ft).

n-seven-pegs-aaA small window opening provided with a shutter, connects this space with another space. The white arrow points at a dowel. The design of the shutter (partly visible on the left) shows high sophisticated craftsmanship.

o-seven-pegs-aaThe characteristic irregularity of the walls and the underside of the shelves are distinctive features of the wooden structure.

oo-seven-pegsA triangular (whitish) timber is bearing the shelf.

p-seven-pegsaThe uneven surface of the walls indicate they were crafted by the use of hand tools.



Biblical account*